Its bubbling up and I don’t know what to do.


Usually tears from my eyes

are like blood from an apple

today they are welling up freely like the wind in chi city

Rolling over my body threatening to push me off my path

Bear down head first and lean into the pain

Just walk into the wind

Keep moving and you’ll be alright

Today it doesn’t feel that way

The well is over flowing

winds blowing and blowing

pushes me back, knocking me down

drowning in my own tears

can’t breath

Only tears

Mouth wide open I gurgle more tears

Where does such sadness come from

Life is good I’m happy

But so sad sometimes

I ache for others

Ache for the pains that surround me

For the suffering I’ve survived and I know others still wade in

I ach for the pain I know my children will face no matter how may

Protests I stage or poems I write.

Powerless ness

this feeling

this knowing that there are things bigger than you

That you can’t control




That eat at your peace

Constrain your joy

Powerlessness wells up in me sometimes

Silently invoking tears even on the happiest of days.

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