Grateful for the Philly Trans Health Conference

Special thanks to AJ,EJ,LM, and TY, who gave me the feeling of  friends/family away from home. If it weren’t for the kindness of strangers and the brotherhood I’m finding amongst  Black Trans Men I wouldn’t have been able to attend.  I really wouldn’t have such a good time. I’m so grateful I made it.  There’s nothing like being reminded you’re not alone. To be affirmed simply through the hearing of another’s story. To absorb and observe the overlapping of your struggles and triumphs. To be reminded how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go. To be encouraged to pick up the bouton and keep pressing on cause others have died fought and sweat blood and tears for you to be here . There’s nothing like the words of elders and words from your trans brothers sisters friends and peers. I’m so grateful and thankful to those who just came out shared their stories shared the space and graced me with their smiles. those who’s names I don’t remember who reignited my urgency with their tears and eased my pains with their testimonies of standing up , surviving , flourishing and overcoming. It ain’t easy being us yet we still so beautiful, so strong, so resilient, it makes me proud to be counted amongst those they call trans… This is the gift I get every time we are together no matter how many sessions I do or don’t attend this is the blessing I have received both times I have come to the Philly Trans Health Conference.

write it

when your’re tired of feeling it write it, when you can’t explain it  write it, when it just won’t let go… when you just can’t wait for the next time ….write it.. though they refuse to acknowledge, to comprend ,the power, the beauty, the humility…write it…..write towards freedom through each emotion with all the emotion you can gather…write it

Fuck off

like forcing a square peg into a round hole

I’m tired of fucking with you

step back give me space

go take cover

It  you don’t switch gears catch up and hear me soon

one day you’ll look up and I’ll be gone

and you cant’t say I didn’t worn you

this isn’t an ultimatum its the truth

I’m fed up

only my pride is keeping me at this point

cause my love my care my patience

you have long squandered

aka fuck off

and if your’re lucky

when I feel like trying with you again

I’ll let you know

in the mean time

go deal with your shit

not for me

but for your own damn good

cause to push a lover like me

to this point

you have gotten so far off your center that

any moment you will be more of a danger to yourself

than you are to me right now

this is my first break up poem

thank you for being my muse to the very end.