Have You Heard My Voice

Has any one heard my voice
I can’t find it
speaking without making  statements
sound only I make
the meaning that means the world to me
fluctuating forms and phrases
muttered under my breath
attempts to express
obvious truths you strain to see
the impression my words leave
a mark of me
interpretations of what through my eyes beam
an echo of what it seems
utterance cadence particular sound
vibration simmering up from my core
from lower chakras rising above the crown
articulating from the depths of the pineal cloud
a screeching chirping floating like dreams
celestial cry inner lonely scream
vocal finger print
distinct reflection of every thing
I saw before I could see
when I say it
it will resonate with the unspoken we
let me know if you see it
if you hear it tell it
all that matters is that it feels genuine to me

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