We Just Joking

laughing, treating, cracking, busting, burning 
dirty dozens thats how they love here 
laughing through the pain 
hate swopping, absorbing, cathartic pain performing
thats how we cope here 
rehearsing,prepping, inoculating each other
for the abuse to come

“yo mama” jokes … a family sport 
a link in the chain of the armor of survival 
a hilarious verbal exhibition
tear down to build up
chemo type tradition
developed to ease the cancer of oppression 

we all heavy from dishing and carrying 
trunks, buckets, and  backpacks 
on plates bursting with tough love
over-comers covered in scars 
from wading in the wounds of survival 
treating, cracking, busting, burning 
dissing,schooling, and exhuming hate 
through verbal fists to cuffs 
it gets messy and it hurts but its so funny
so we just keep joking and laughing
to soothe ourselves 


horny pansexual queer
shifting between masculine and feminine energies
with every other other every last orgasm
inner ultra femme masculine
unbound shameless curves to die for
personal horny gyrating human vibrator
manual ejaculator
porn consuming
constantly cumming
impulsive machine
sex is your lust
you lust with sex from the seams
the manifestation of deliciously nasty dreams
butch queen master
androgynous zealot slut
everyone’s favorite smut mag
jerk off rag toting
bear loving, sliver daddy worshipping, power bottom chasing
sissy boi butch
slurping pushing receiving giving
exploding pleasing stress relieving
horny pansexual queer
Shifting to ecstasy
with every other other every last orgasm

Ghost in the system

I am a ghost in the system

I don’t exist

I’m invisible within a society

Designed for my destruction













Here in the margins

Along a spectrum is where I stand


I will create

I will laugh

I will overcome pain and fear to shine


Be seen for me

And me only

For the glory

Of all of those who have loved me just cause they could.


Most this fight is in my mind

If I can just imagine

Just think it

I’ll shine


Re: Remembering Good Bye to Ralph, Dancing Hello to a Brown Elephant

What if we collaborated? What if I brought a salacious love of music, poetry, words, and ideas and you brought dance, words, and ideas and we create art? …not just for money not just for fame but just to be, to express, the lonely invisible constantly disrespected queer, the unspoken African within. whose voice pumps through our veins constantly compelling us to speak in a language we don’t quite understand. What if we collaborate in order to free ourselves and contribute to the culture. To live our own evolution towards the revolution in speaking our truth creatively? More importantly what if we seek liberation through the combination of our creativity elevating towards the space where our complex realities are voiced? I’m asking can we have a conversation together through each other, in front of others to birth art?