We Just Joking

laughing, treating, cracking, busting, burning 
dirty dozens thats how they love here 
laughing through the pain 
hate swopping, absorbing, cathartic pain performing
thats how we cope here 
rehearsing,prepping, inoculating each other
for the abuse to come

“yo mama” jokes … a family sport 
a link in the chain of the armor of survival 
a hilarious verbal exhibition
tear down to build up
chemo type tradition
developed to ease the cancer of oppression 

we all heavy from dishing and carrying 
trunks, buckets, and  backpacks 
on plates bursting with tough love
over-comers covered in scars 
from wading in the wounds of survival 
treating, cracking, busting, burning 
dissing,schooling, and exhuming hate 
through verbal fists to cuffs 
it gets messy and it hurts but its so funny
so we just keep joking and laughing
to soothe ourselves 

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