For My Sensitive Soul(s)

I absorb it feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams, fear
its in you, it is me
super sensitive
indigo child
they don’t understand you
you can’t help but feel them
you the creative, crazy, lazy, foolish
dreamer one
who they love to share their pains with
“stop being so sensitive”
the mantra of our lives
indigo child
don’t shrink back
paddle don’t drift in the sea of feeling
gifted stranger once twice removed
from that distance unnamed place
bathe in the awkwardness of your experience
continue to dream your way through their judgements
they don’t understand this ancient beam
they can’t see it but I know
you are a rare cosmic African glow
you have been here before
so of course you observe and absorb more
yes you are soft squishy and malleable
but so is  love
so is the water
as is the light
As is above so is below
mysterious… timeless your sensitivity is essential