Depression is 
when you thought you were ok 
the moment you step out the door
for no reason 
cause I’m breathing 
Dormant grieving 
Liquid salt fills my eyes again 
Can’t blame the winter this time 
I’m weeping in the sunshine 
Feels great on my face 
Ego prays for cheek moisture to quickly evaporate

In That Place 

I fell like I just want to know what it taste like
smell it
be in it
allow me the honor 
of being intimate
with someone who lives on your plane…
coast on your plane
upon invite
land in your inner most sacred places and be born yet again,  and again, and again
its natural  who can resist coming one more time
in that place…
are you clear where pleasure
who knows the location of heavens
original gates?
the birth place of all
where life is desired, pleasured, conceived, cultivated, reborn, and replenished 
the last 
and the next time
every time …
in that place