Bragga docious

If I had to Boast…

Dab is for the stoner

smoke til I die

The path of a philosopher

Hidden within I

Without reason

Always chasing

Loves Hy

Art is for the dreamer feeler creator …

No choice but to express

The essence of

This fact…

there is no difference

only now

no such thing as later


the beyond gender… bender…

In the greyest of the Grey

Intuitive pray

broken bridge


as a connector

I live


Yea I’m this I’m that

But I still see

And if you just listen

You can follow me towards free

No disclaimers labels or apologies

Only requirement for this journey

You must stand next to

And lead us beyond me.





don’t ask about me

Cause  if you don’t

know me by now…

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