Dear Sister

To the force known as Kokumo Kinetic

Forgive me for never writing of my love and appreciation for you while I could still see you.

I miss you

I miss you so much

and I think of your smile and insight often.

Words can’t express how not knowing where

or how you are

leaves a void in my heart.

I pray you are well

somewhere safe

living life in that dynamic way

that captivates so many

and counts me among those called blessed

cause I had the chance to laugh, love, and struggle with you.

More importantly I pray you will return to me one day.



This smoke is a prayer


Sage, Copal gently burning calling the Ancestors near.

This smoke is a prayer

Hopes for the new year.

Last year’s failures dissolve Into the air.


Is holding hope In the midst of pain.


Is like choosing to rise again and again.

The ability to wake and embrace New names,the ability to lean into change,rock with,admit the pain.

A willingness to accept responsibility And the collateral damage.

Choosing to live through our shame

Who often accompanies newness like the down low mistress of change.

The unspoken you must endure to grow, that ache that comes with letting go.

With the spirit and fight of the Phoenix I face today Oh to die and live again.

With each rebirth I’m beautiful, colorful, magical again and again.

I’m still breathing my resounding revolutionary cry.

If you have witnessed anyone of my transformations and changing of names

then You know why and and how this is Our

subversive powerful reframe.

Sage, Copal gently burning calling the Ancestors near.

This smoke is a prayer.