Enough with the memes comparing jeans and 3 piece suits.



Am I the only person frustrated with people who equate dignity and respect with black people in European style suites? If I need to dress like that for you to respect my manhood keep it moving. Miss me with your respectability and quit shoving your western aesthetics down our children’s throats. Enough with the memes comparing jeans and 3 piece suits. Decolonize your minds there are so many amazing ways to express yourself through fashion besides “wear a suit and tie now your a great guy”. Oh and bow ties are stupid. Yea I said it! If thats your preferred style cause you just like it do you. I don’t think everyone should dress the same nor do I think everyone’s style should meet my approval. However if your are associating goodness, masculinity, and good fashion narrowly in western white worshiping ways check yourself. This goes for my so called Dapper Bois too. Push deeper. Search out the many amazing designers creating fashions that aren’t rooted in the white gaze, British colonialism, or thirsty for conformity,assimilation, and “mobility”. Better yet create your own fashions. Its 2015 and we’re still telling our children put on massa’s clothes and you will be beautiful. http://www.theatlantic.com/…/where-did-business-sui…/260182/ ‪#‎DirtyArtBoi‬

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