THINK BE DO FORUM…Featuring Almah the Alchemist

This past fall we requested  submissions for the THINK BE DO Forum in response to Dirty Art Boi’s Naming the Myth Resisting the Myth.  Thanks to everyone who sent in a  submission however we are only able to select 4 to feature in the Forum. We will post  new pieces throughout May. 

We are excited to run our first guest piece for the THINK BE DO Forum by the very talented Almah the Alchemist.

Almah the Alchemist

Almah the Alchemist

Almah the Alchemist is a Black girl thunderstorm. She is currently at work on a book of Black folk fiction and is utterly in love with mixed media, winter, mail, kayaking, and rising tide of cat supremacy. Find her at and Twitter @mahla_creative.

We are honored to kick off the Forum with her piece.  Listen to Almah’s audio response HERE 

Your comments make the Think BE Do a Forum. Share your thoughts and repost widely.

What do you THINK?

What do you DO?images-21

How can we BE working together to develop a Black Liberation Politic for the masses?

Lets have a conversation and create together!

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