Weirdo, writer, activists, wanna be farmer, queer, black, transgender and awake are a few words some use to describe me. Ask me …I’m just another human”Yearnin’ and Learnin”losing my mind defining sanity for myself in this crazy world. Here my words are my  liberators.  Follow me on Tumblr  at http://dirtyartboi.tumblr.com/ where images are my weapon of choice. I’m also on Twitter@dirtyartboi. I enjoy emails and comments from people so don’t be shy share your thoughts… dirtyartboi@gmail.com.  Strong  and contrary opinions are welcomed but show some respect. Do not talk shit  just to be an ass or throw hateful shade (friendly shade welcomed) I will take it down and you will be banished! Do not repost poetry without permission AND proper credits.  Just shoot me an email if you want to repost something with a poem.

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