Remembering The Childrens’ March

This month is the 50th year anniversary of the Childrens’ March. The moment in the “civil rights movement”  when brave black bodies, as young as  4 years  old ,stared down dogs and firehouses to fill the Birmingham  jails and brake the back of segregation in one of the bloodiest cities in the country. Watching the movie Might Times was a powerful experience. I was coming off of a busy week and the visuals of the politicized black children being beaten  compounded my emotions.  Below is a excerpt from a longer piece that speaks to where remembering the Childrens’ March took me.


Looking Back 

This Knowledge it overwhelms me

Twists and contorts me

This information each new sentence

Makes me want to burst

placing my perceived intellect in a hearse

Life transforming, Knowledge destiny  bending visions

Glimpse into the past

bring doubts about how long freedom will last

if it ever really was

it hurts to recall the memories

To reminisce on the past

History our story is a sweet bitter pill