A Summer’s Night

A summers night

sweat pulsating dripping down browns

rolling over curves sliding between

layers of musk and hair

I still remember the smell of her hair

silky curls grazing over my back

I loved feeling her hair in the small of my back

tickling along my arch increasing its curve along the way


A Dark summer’s night

to hot to do anything but sweat

and burn in sex

dissolve into heaven between her thighs

sip of her juices

swallow her whole

feast upon her feminine essence

slip between her chakras with the tip of my tongue

loudly panting quietly praying her wonderland never ends


A long summers night

to hot to do anything but sweat and drink

drink in her love consumed with passion mesmerized by her lust

no lost in lust


shifting together moving on up a little higher

sinking deeper one into the other

deep in our sweat we drift

submerged in the waters of ecstasy

thick dank dark sweaty ecstasy

time melts the night swelters on

we disappear enthralled in the heat of sex

lost in the embrace of a summer’s night


DirtyArtBoi 2009