Let Our Love

Nestled in the glow of our brown tones side by side,  Her curls ticked my nose, the softness of her cheeks warm my body. With her fists she gently beats on my chest and whispers “I just don’t want to be here anymore.”Had to pull her closer as my body silently rang back… “Me neither.”

I’ve held too many people as they weep for their lives. Thirsty for a reason to stay. Silently screaming. Floating on smiles saying “I’m fine” while everything within wants to die.


If you didn’t hear me  before please hear me now. We need you. Please love please don’t go!  Let’s make our love everything we need to survive.

Let’s love like we’re our own life rafts
built to survive the moments when the waves of sadness come crashing down. Just Let our love. Even when the weight of the world shallows our breaths and bends our backs into prayers and depression. We will find the strength to stand again through the doors unlocked by the moans of our sex magic. Let our love as our bodies collide, sing, and stir divinity together.

Let’s love like we’re our own foundation rooted in the beauty sparked
when our minds touch. My body aches to hear you speak in the moments when we merge. Let our love be our favorite melody in the key of healing. Soothing Restoring Creativity. Please don’t rob me of the freedom I feel when you sing to me. Just let our love carry us like the clever sting of a good read with the power of sharp words.

Love, please hear me now. I need you to survive.
I’ve held too many people as they weep for their lives. Thirsty for a reason to stay. Silently screaming. Floating on smiles saying “I’m fine”  while everything within wants to die.  Love please don’t go. Let’s be everything we need to survive.


Full Moon in Pieces got me all in my feelings.

Was telling her how much I miss her and this happened…

I can’t wait to kiss your lips and hold you close

feel you relax in my arms

In those moments we merge.

and its an honor being your safe space.

I don’t mind getting lost in you from time to time

My heart needs a regular dose.

Let me escape within our bond.

I need to escape into our love

It reminds some of the most broken parts of me

theres no healer like our black queer love

Theres no love like the melodies I feel in the arms of you…

a beautiful Black Womyn.

We are fun and around the way like FreshRootbeer

Country and comforting like Pickled Okra

Quirky and Dorky like GumbBall Cartoons.

Can’t wait to celebrate our love in person again soon.



Heartbreak. The first woman to break my heart was a friend in college. I thought we would be besties but they distanced themselves from me when I started questioning my sexuality.  I had never been rejected by someone who I thought knew me and understood me so well. Never imagined they would stop talking to me just because I wasn’t as straight as I thought i was or as straight as we were taught to be. I miss them hope they’re well. Friends can break your heart as badly as lovers this is the lesson she taught me. 

Heat Rises

Fire flames and heat rise in the pit of my stomach when I see you

when I think about How you stabbed me with your words

How you sliced me with your phrases and crucified me with a look of indignation

They don’t know but I do

They can’t see but I can

secrets lies and old wounds oh how they burn

They molt through the lining of my belly , melt down my pride and expose my shame

Now the high temperatures of my anger are eroding my joy

and stripping me of my happiness

Leaving me naked and bare

I have nothing left to give

As a flaming ball of anger is how I live

Don’t come to close i just might explode

My frustrations will spill over onto you and corrupt your peace

Contort it and transform your contentment into resentment

Because my satisfaction has been spent

I can feel heat rising as you walk my way

and the fire of hurt as you cross my path

There is a flame that fans every time you smile

and a tear that falls when I think about how I said goodbye

The fire was started by the hurt you vocalized

and the wrongs you say I perpetrated?

and though it is at my hands that this inferno is orchestrated

It is at the sight of you that it is elated.

 -dirtyartboi 2013