Bye Bye Unc

One of my oldest and most favorite Uncles has passed away and I can’t go home to be with my family. Its moments like this when being broke and so far from home really  hurts and frustrates me.  These are the moments that define a family and once again I am not there. So tired of this situation.  Nothing communicates how much you love someone like being there whether good or bad times.  So over saying I wish I could be there…  ready to just be there.  I need them as much as they need me right now I pray they know it. These moments have to become less frequent in my life.  My uncle and aunt have been married since they were 17. We shared their 44th anniversary in Los Angeles. While I was still living there they flew in to try to see BoB Barker on the Price as Right before he retired and then we drove to Las Vegas for the day.  They both love to gamble bingo mostly. Uncle Lee was a funny guy who loved cracking on us kids in a loving way. Worked for Dole all my life and retired by the time I made it to college I think.  Last time I seen him about a year ago I don’t think he knew who I was and kept asking the same questions like he could barely hold the conversation but he managed to get off some smart remarks and make me laugh regardless.  I will miss my uncle so much every time I think about dedicated fathers, wear suspenders, or hear a black man sing a mean falsetto I will think about him. Much love to my cousins and Aunty  his children and wife who he worked tirelessly for and loved so much.  Even with 6 kids of their own my aunt and uncle managed to raise many others and take people in when they had no place to go.   His  passing is hitting alot of people hard. I just wish there was someone here with me in person who I could share his memory with.