writing about writing

Sometimes I write about art and writing to get the creative juices flowing. Often I’m penning a pep talk to myself  and before I know it, my rambling is an ok piece on its on.


Why because I am alive

Art is always happening

Songs inspired by pain

Painting with a love muse

you keep fighting  cause there’s a fight

And the sidelines are boring and irresponsible…

If they exist at all

We’re all in this together

Whether we like it or not


You must write

Everyday you soak in life

write it out on a page

Let the paper swallow your sorry

Let the ink splatter your joy across the page

Who cares if they get it

Who knows who will ever read it

Its for my sanity

It must be said

Holding it all in is slow gentle death

Like stomach cancer

I want to die but must live

I will write our way to freedom


When you’re an artist art doesn’t necessarily fall out of you

Easier than any other person

When you’re an artist

Art is a song you can’t turn off

It cries out to you begging pleading demanding

To be sung through you

Its up to you to decide to listen

To practice

to pursue

to risk


To remain an open vessel through which it manifests

Again and again

Whether your listening or not the music is always playing

Poetry is in the air

Lyrics are always flowing

dive in

dirtyartboi -2013