Brown Knees, Poodle Skirt, Saddle shoes

Brown Knees, Poodle Skirt, Saddle Shoes
giggling, squirming, scuffing white slides on black linoleum
eyeing those double doors from the back pew
The myth of manhood is alive in she
8 years old chasing girls
hanging with the boys
skinned knees, tumbling, and tackling
climbing trees hiding in scaffolding
a little girl trying to run the way they say she should
secretly praying for morning wood
they keep calling me a tomboy
so it should happen any day now
wrapped in a dress prancing like its a tux
lost in the distance between whats seen and whats perceived
just being himself beyond what she’s been told
just being no words for these feelings
just rules about how to sit, what to wear, and what not to say
when your brown knees are stuffed in
a itchy poodle skirt and slippery saddle shoes on Sunday