Think. Be. Do. Forum

Think. Do. Be Forum…Towards a Black Liberation Politic for the Masses

This Forum is dedicated to:

  1. Cultivating political education, analysis, and action towards Black Liberation.
  2. Promoting political thought for children of the African Diaspora beyond the limits of American Imperialism, neoliberalism, assimilation, respectability and the traditional right vs left or Democrats vs Republicans frames .
  3. Sharing the thoughts and ideas of everyday people, including young people, along side those in mainstream activism,traditional scholarship, professional artists, and intellectuals .
  4. Creating spaces for minds thirsty for decolonization and spaces to express revolutionary art to practice freedom together through the exchange of ideas.
  5. Encouraging dialogue between black people about the issues impacting their lives in hopes of creating tactics for addressing them.
  6. Inspiring love and solidarity across the diverse experiences of Blackness within the African Diaspora.


DirtyArtBoi invites writers, artists, activists, and everyday Black people from across the African Diaspora to submit pieces promoting political thought for children of the African Diaspora and various POC doing work in solidarity with Black people.

  1. Pieces can be written, audio, video, as well as visuals such as drawings ect.
  2. Written pieces should be no longer than 1 printed page, videos under 5 mins, and artwork should be submitted in PDF form.
  3. Each submission needs to include name, 3-6 sentence bio, up to 2 social media links and a picture.
  4. Anonymous submissions should at least include a 3-6 vague description of the creator. 

All work remains under the rights of original creators. We do not pay for contributions nor sell your work. Please email questions and submissions too  Deadline for submissions is Oct 25, 2015. 


This fall we are asking for submissions in response to Naming the Myth Resisting the Myth using the questions below as a shared context and a spring board for your ideas.  You don’t have to answer every single question! Once selected pieces will be posted for comments and replies.

  1. What are your thoughts on the nature of white supremacy?
  2. What are you strategies for resisting and unlearning its influence on your day to day?
  3. Have you thought about connections between the way we talk about oppression and perpetuate it at the same time?
  4. Have you thought about the connection between this myth, globalization, and your daily spending habits?
  5. Have you had this types of discussions with young people or everyday poor/ working class POC?
  6. Have you had these discussions with family members?
  7. Can you explain the myth of white supremacy to a 10 or 16 year old?

What do you THINK?

What do you DO?

How can we BE working together to develop a Black Liberation Politic for the masses?

Lets have a conversation and create together!

I invite you to bring your whole self on this journey with me.



This past fall we requested  submissions for the THINK BE DO Forum in response to Dirty Art Boi’s Naming the Myth Resisting the Myth.  Thanks to everyone who sent in a  submission however we are only able to select 4 to feature in the Forum. We will post  new pieces throughout May. 

Think Be Do Forum Feature: Julian K. Glover

THINK BE DO FORUM…Featuring Almah the Alchemist

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