No Place Like Home

This is my home sick poem. I have been in my current city for 5 years, the longest I have lived in any place since college. No matter how far I go , no matter how much time passes and even in the face of all the many conflicting feelings home brings ups for me…. I will always love it like no other .

Listen and read below. The track in the background is entitled E Minus by Artworks via Sound Cloud.

No Place Like Home

I miss the East like a child misses the smell of mother’s hair
I miss the East like the poor miss fresh air
I miss music and laughter roaring from crowded stoops on congested blocks, loud honks, and greasy cheesy cheese steaks
Folding chairs on wooden porches, climbing trees and building forts
Playing horseshoes, back yard BBQs overflowing with big brown smiling faces and my mom’s world famous pasta salad
I miss real bagels with cream cheese and fresh Lox
I miss my baby boy’s grin and my mother’s grunt of disapproval laced with love
I miss high notes in choir pews, poetry in dark lonely rooms
tear stained pillows and sizzling dreams soaked with passion.
Fantasizing about me satisfying her, him holding me…. smiling and doting like no other lover could
I miss praying I’d wake up with my very own morning wood.
Writing from the heart, praying from the depths, working with my mind, focusing my spirit
Life devoid of sex filled with creativity
living in extremes.
Openly hidiing
Searching for balance.
Thirsty for love.
Commanding voice.
Sharp mind.
Shy heart .
Dealing with others emotions keeping mine bottled up
I miss words flowing in my sleep and dancing through my mind
Unable to finish sentences until each word resonates with the man within
No cursing, no sex, no drugs, no alcohol, no women, no men, no mention of the man within
No peace, no purpose, no place like home.

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