October Reading

I”l be reading at this event you should come too.



Casey Plett and Sybil Lamb are currently on tour promoting their new books A Safe Girl to Love and I’ve Got a Time Bomb, both published by Topside Press. Come hear them read alongside local trans and gender nonconforming writers in Chicago:


Trans Oral History Project will also be at the event with some of their zines and merchandise!

The Hull-House is a wheelchair accessible space.

More information on the books by Sybil and Casey: http://topsidepress.com/titles/


at 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

800 S Halsted St, Chicago, Illinois 60607



Bigger Than Police Brutality


The issue is not that we don’t know our rights, so we should learn the letter of the law and know how to recite it to police nor is it a matter of just obeying the officers to end the encounter. The truth is they know our rights and have been violating them with no fear killing and assaulting us physically and mentally without consequence for centuries. Globally it’s always the darkest and the poorest who get it most. The Panthers taught us that.

Can we address this moment in the movement without wasting time arguing about What the problem is whether police are bad or if the system is broke? Do we really need another article about racism? Racism is the fabric of society. This is not new. The only thing new about this moment is that in this age of information and through the power of social media we are able to see it in ways and at rates our society never dreamed time would reveal.

When will we stop getting mad at police and politicians for doing their jobs ? When are we going to admit to ourselves and each other that this society is doing exactly what it was designed to do….. Profit more and more by keeping us under anyone and anything’s control but that of our own minds.

How long are we going to keep trying to talk around the need to jump out of this burning ship. Oh right most of y’all like burning in this crumbling system. You’ve convinced yourself you deserve to burn. You think if you just pray and work hard enough some messiah will come along and make this thing work right …at least for you. Those are new age fairy tales. Obama taught us that.
So what is the conversation? Who knows what’s next?

-tired of videos and conversations about videos of police brutality aka Dirtyarboi